On Tuesday, we announced that polish manufacturer – Spectrum Filaments, has teamed up with developers of the new online design platform SelfCAD. Today we have another news related to developer – anyone who registers and establishes a free account will be able to win one of the most popular 3D amateur printers in the world – Original Prusa i3 Mk2! The competition also includes users who already have their account on the platform.

Reminder: SelfCAD is a web-based application that allows you to design 3D models and optimize them for 3D printing. It is a cloud-based application, using the power of external servers. Original Prusa i3 Mk 2 is the original version of Josef Prusa’s most popular low-cost 3D printer in the world. Czech manufacturer is one of the most dynamically growing companies in this product segment. The proof of its popularity is the fact that buyers have wait for the device up to a few weeks. The 3D printer is offered in self-assembly kits.

Regardless of this contest, SelfCAD announces the announcement of a collaboration with another major business partner. Details we have got to know later this month.

Source: www.blog.selfcad.com

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