One of the most popular fast food restaurants in Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), taking into account the growing interest of consumers in healthy eating, more and more frequent choice of meat substitutes, or the need to develop methods of feeding that are more environmentally friendly than traditional methods, decided to revolutionize its gastronomic network.

The company has partnered with the Russian research laboratory 3D Bioprinting Solutions to implement an innovative method of 3D bio-printing of “future poultry meat”. And what would it look like? It turns out that visually, and even in taste, it would not differ from the well-known originals. KFC would provide the partner with its own characteristic spices and other ingredients for breading.

Raisa Polyakova, CEO of KFC in Russia and the CIS, emphasizes the company’s efforts to achieve the highest possible level of innovation and efforts to introduce advanced technologies to the restaurant chain.

The “restoration of the future” concept is also intended to solve the problems of a global scale. Greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced even by 25 times. Research by the American Environmental Science & Technology Jurnal reports that the planned production of meat from cells is expected to reduce energy consumption twice.

3D Bioprinting Solutions, which has made its mark in the space bio-printing sector, is developing an additive technology tailored to make chicken meat alternatives. The use of vegetable material makes it possible to obtain the texture of poultry meat without killing the animals.

According to reports from people involved in this cooperation, meat printed on a 3D printer is to contain micronutrients characteristic of traditional meat, and will be free from additives used in standard breeding.

3D Bioprinting’s co-founder, Solutions Yusef Khesuani, expresses his will to spread meat alternatives created through the use of additive technology. He hopes to quickly increase people’s awareness that work on such products is not just a dream, but is ongoing. Cooperation with such an extensive enterprise as KFC will allow for a rapid increase in the availability of this type of goods.

The partners plan to start testing the final product this fall.

Photo by Marufish on / CC BY-SA

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