Carbon announces a new, customizable and high-performance elastomer for photopolymer 3D printing

Carbon – manufacturer of super-fast 3D printers for light-curing resins, used by, among others, Adidas, announced the release of a new elastomer. EPU 46 offers a combination of high-quality material properties, excellent durability and a wide range of color options. The material can be used for applications such as saddles, footwear and handles.

EPU 46 has been designed to meet the “growing demands” of a wide range of industries, with particular emphasis on performance, comfort and aesthetics. The company says it offers customers the ability to precisely adjust the material’s stiffness without compromising its 3D printing properties or changing its properties.

The company says EPU 46 supports Carbon’s sustainability efforts as the elastomer contains 40% bio-based materials and is designed for solvent-free spin cleaning and resin recovery to minimize production waste.

According to Carbon, tuning network parameters such as strut diameter or cell size allows for a wide range of part stiffness. The ability to adjust the stiffness of the material allows for a wide range of tactile properties, according to the company, especially useful for handles, handles and thin components where it is difficult to adjust soft compression.


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