Agile Manufacturing, Canada’s largest 3D printing services company, announced the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Beaverton Ontario. The company has as many as 29 industrial 3D printers, working in virtually every popular additive technology.

The company uses 3D Systems, Markforged, Carbon and HP equipment. Among 3D Systems 3D printers, there are devices using the technology of stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), 3D printing from UV irradiated resins (DLP) in the form of a Figure 4 No Contact 3D printer, 3D printing in MJP technology in the form of a dental printer 3D NextDent 5100, full color 3D printing from gypsum powder (CJP) in the form of the ProJet 660 Pro 3D printer, and Direct Metal Printing (DMP) 3D printers for metal. When it comes to Markforged devices, they are Metal X and 3D printers printing from carbon and glass fibers. The company also uses HP’s MJF technology and Carbon’s Clip technology.

The annual production capacity is over 200,000 hours, which translates to 4.2 billion cubic inches per year. Agile is able to meet most of the production and prototype requirements. The company also sells new and used 3D printers in all technologies – distributes a full line of 3D Systems printers, including SLA, SLS, MJP, Figure 4, NextDent 5100, DMP and a full line of Markforged metal and composite 3D printers.

The company employs a team of 26 experts in additive manufacturing. Agile has obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate and the Canadian marking of controlled goods.


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