The leading manufacturer of 3D printers in Europe – the Spanish BCN3D Technologies, announced the signing of a new distribution deal with the Bulgarian partner – PrintMe 3D. The new distributor will cover markets in native Bulgaria as well as in Ukraine and the Balkans. Thanks to the partnership, all industries and professionals will benefit from the best of BCN3D and PrintMe 3D: cutting-edge technology and high-quality after-sales service.

The BCN3D 3D printers portfolio ensures maximum efficiency with the Sigma and Sigmax desktop machines, a professional workbench 3D printer designed to meet the highest demands in the most demanding professional environments where the highest volume of 3D printing is required.

Xavier Martínez Faneca, CEO of BCN3D, said about new partnership:

We are pleased to cooperate with PrintMe 3D, an alliance which will support us to increase the sales in the Bulgarian, Ukranian and Balkan markets, where there is a high potential for the IDEX system and the distinctive duplication, mirror and multimaterial printing modes. Their considerable experience in additive manufacturing, combined with a top-quality technical know-how makes PrintMe 3D the right fit to help us grow and serve Eastern customers in the best possible way.

Evdokiya Nenova and Mariya Nenova – PrintMe 3D founders commented:

Bulgaria is a market not much different from all the other markets in the world. We believe that the most important factors for improving the sales of BCN3D in our country would therefore be – building awareness and trust. Our aim is to offer only the best 3D printing brands and we believe that even though we represent only three manufacturers so far, every new brand has been chosen carefully and has something new and something better to offer to our customers.

BCN3D has a lot of things to offer such as low price for professional, double extrusion printers, increased productivity, high quality and big build volume. Therefore, we appreciate our partnership, we appreciate that the brand chose us to represent their products on the Bulgarian market and we promise to help BCN3D build trust and awareness of the brand in this market by implementing our knowledge of the culture and behaviour of the Bulgarian people.


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