BASF and UltiMaker support the Victoria Hand Project in the production of 3D printed prostheses in Ukraine

The Canadian non-profit organization Victoria Hand Project (VHP) has partnered with BASF Forward AM and UltiMaker to provide high-quality prostheses to victims of the war in Ukraine. Founded in July 2015, the organization has created a network of volunteers from 11 countries who together produce durable and professional hand prostheses using 3D printers. The Victoria Hand Project is currently seeking to raise $200,000 for its “Hands for Ukraine” campaign.

Once the campaign is launched, VHP will raise funds to support on-demand prosthetic care for people living in Ukraine. According to the organization, by January 30, 2023, more than 40,000 Ukrainians were injured as a result of the war. Experts estimate that between 25% and 35% of this number are amputees who will need specialist medical care. Add to that the already existing 400,000 amputees in the region, where most of them have limited access to prosthetic care. Ukrainian groups also predict that these numbers will continue to rise as a result of the protracted war.

In January 2023, thanks to the funds obtained from donors, VHP completed a successful pilot project in Ukraine. A team member traveled to the two partners for initial training, commissioning the equipment and demonstrating prosthetic assembly, providing five people with prosthetic arms. VHP now seeks solid and enduring partnerships in Ukraine, training local prosthetists and 3D printing experts to assemble and deliver Victoria hands on demand to those who need them.

For the production of prostheses, Ultrafuse PLA PRO1 material by Forward AM is used. The material is optimized for quality, speed, durability and reliability, which translates into performance that exceeds traditional filaments. Production takes place on UltiMaker 3D printers.

After the extension of the project to the whole of Ukraine, it will cover, among others:

  • Comprehensive equipping of two partner sites in Lviv and Vinnitsa with 3D printers and 3D scanners
  • Comprehensive equipment of both partner places with materials for the assembly of prostheses
  • Full financing of high-quality prosthetic care for 100 amputees in Ukraine and preparation of the basis for the next ones who will be able to receive care

If fundraising efforts exceed the initial target, additional money will be added to increase the number of hand prostheses produced.

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