ABC Data, is a leading company which distributes IT in the CEE region and The Best Distributor of Low-Budget 3D Printers and Filaments in 2015, which has been building its portfolio of IT devices basing on recent trends for ages. It is one of the first Polish companies which noticed a potential of additive manufacturing and tries to broaden its offer of this solutions. In the closest future it is going to add new 3D printers to its portfolio, namely: The Form 2, Cube PRO and manual 3D scanner – Fuel3D.

ABC Data concentrates on complementarity 0f its offer. Because of that, when it adds something new to its portfolio, it tries to find the most complementary devices. The new devices: the low-budget 3D printer The Form 2, 3D printers from the Cube PRO series with several nozzles and the manual 3D scanner broaden the offer naturally with solutions destined for 3D printing.

The first of the new 3D printers – The Form 2 from Formlabs – is a successor of the “One” – the most popular 3D printer, printing in the SLA technology in the history. The device uses resin which is hardened with beam of laser layer by layer and creates a solid object.  The high precision of the device is not common belong machines printing in the FDM technology. It is sold with a dedicated post-processing station.

The Form 2 01

Cube PRO is a series of 3D printers equipped with several nozzles, dedicated for professionals. It is available in two versions – Duo with 2 nozzles and Trio with 3 nozzles.  The Cube PRO devices have also heated working chamber and touch pad, which ensures easy and intuitive using of the 3D printer.


The last novelty, which will be available soon in the offer of ABC Data is the manual 3D scanner, which is user friendly. Fuel 3D is equipped with two cameras, which enable to take pictures and prepare your 3D model very quickly. It was designed to scan complicated, colourful solid object. The device uses a dedicated software SCANIFY, which helps to prepare a 3D model to print and also personalise it and add 3D animations.

Fuel 3D

Before a 3D printer, a filament or a 3D scanner is added to the offer, the specialists from ABC Data verify it. Thanks to it, the company is sure that it guarantees only tested, reliable solutions to its partners. In the portfolio of distributor you can find 3D printers like: 3D Gence, 3D Kreator, Monkeyfab, Robo 3D and Zortra and filaments from: Verbatim, Spectrum, Devil Design or Orbi-Tech and Pixelio. The company is going to broaden its offer of the next, attractive products dedicated for 3D printing.

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