The Dutch company 3D4Makers has announced the premiere of a new material for 3D printing, based on the Zymergen Z2 poliimide. Poliimide is a very strong polymer that is inherently flame retardant, has excellent insulating properties and excellent thermal stability.

The American chemical company Zymergen uses machine learning, genomics and automation to search for biomolecules that perform better than petroleum-based chemicals. In this way, Zymergen aims to create bio-inspired materials that are more efficient and designed to replace petroleum-based materials. The 3D4Makers filament uses the Zymergen Z2 poliimide, which is characterized by low shrinkage and is easy to 3D print, and at the same time has increased durability.

Zymergen and 3D4Makers have signed an agreement to conduct a joint research and development project to provide new material for functional testing to selected customers. The material has already been thoroughly tested by leading companies in the 3D printing industry such as miniFactory, OrionAM or Aon3D.

The Zymergen Z2 filament has properties comparable to PEEK, but is much easier to 3D print. During the tests, a tensile strength of MPa 96 and a tensile modulus of 2.41 GPa were achieved. The glass transition temperature is 193°C, and the filament itself should be printed at temperatures from 390-410°C. 3D printed parts do not need to be annealed after printing to achieve extra strength. The material should be used in the production of applications used in difficult conditions by companies from the defense, space, energy and automotive industries.

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