Yesterday we informed about the launch by Zortrax of an official outlet with discounted 3D printers and selected consumables, meanwhile it is not the only novelty that the Polish company has introduced in recent days. At the beginning of this year, a new department in the company’s structures was launched, responsible for providing 3D printing services using the full spectrum of equipment and machines. Services are provided for companies from all around the world.

3D printing services provided by Zortrax include LPD and LPD Plus technologies (proprietary FFF versions – 3D printing from thermoplastics in the form of a fishing line) and UV LCD (3D printing from light-cured resins), performed on 3D printers of the M200 Plus, M300 Plus, M300 Dual series and Inkspire. In addition, selected details made of thermoplastics can undergo a chemical bath in the solvent vapors in the Zortrax Apoller device, which will give them a perfectly smooth shape – and in the case of containers or housings, excellent waterproofing.

Each project sent to the Zortrax 3D printing department can count on consultation and audit in the scope of its implementation carried out by the manufacturer’s engineering team. Thus, 3D prints ordered by the customer are realized by people who de facto created the devices on which they were created.

Zortrax has its own 3D printer farm, which allows the implementation of complex low-series projects. It is possible to combine various incremental techniques and the use of comprehensive post-processing of manufactured parts.

Individuals and companies interested in the implementation of 3D printing services by Zortrax can submit an inquiry or contact the company’s specialists at this address.

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