Xtellar introduces eco-friendly and flexible EVA granules for large format 3D printers

Xtellar – a company created as a result of the merger of Braskem’s 3D printing materials department and Taulman3D, it deals with the creation of innovative solutions in the field of 3D printing, focusing on the development of materials that are both durable and ecologically sustainable. Xtellar has announced the launch of EVA (Etilen Vinyl Acetate), a bio-sustainable granulate that it claims is an industrial innovation for FDM/FFF large format 3D printers.

EVA granulate is a transparent, hygroscopic, amorphous elastomeric material that is extracted from raw material derived from sugar cane. Xtellar emphasizes that the material has a much lower carbon footprint than traditional materials based on fossil fuels, and according to the company, it is the first sustainable and flexible material derived from this type of raw material in 3D printing.

Xtellar CEO Jason Vagnozzi points out that one of the company’s main goals is to introduce an ever-wider range of sustainable materials for 3D printing. In 2022, the company launched the industry’s first bio-polyethylenes, and this year continues its plan by introducing the first EVA granules for large format 3D printers.

Vagnozzi also emphasizes that this material is an excellent sustainable alternative to many traditional TPU materials. EVA granulate is characterized by a density of 0.94 g/cm3, elongation by 300% in the XY direction, a hardness of 89A on the Shore scale, a glass transition temperature of -36 ° C, adjustable transparency and stiffness with external cooling, and is hydrophobic.

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