One charging cable that will fit all your devices and will last for years? With the advancement of technology, there was a problem with various USB inputs and ports. As a result, we need a set of different cables, with different terminals for our devices. The Australian company Volta and the Italian Metafora Design, who created a universal cable suitable for all types of USB inputs, came out against the limitations.

Volta Spark is a universal charging cable that fits any electrical device. The product was designed and created using the 3D printing ecosystem of the Polish company Zortrax. Thanks to comprehensive solutions in the field of additive technologies, the brand has built a strong position on the market. By expanding its offer, it allows the implementation of new projects using one complete ecosystem. Zortrax products are dedicated to applications in medicine, automotive and engineering, so it’s no wonder that this project was carried out on the equipment of a Polish manufacturer.

Cables with interchangeable tips are nothing new, but as the manufacturer assures, none of them is so resistant to damage. Its strength is achieved thanks to the ultra-strong, non-combustible military-grade nylon from which it is made. It has 10 times greater durability than other products of this type, and is also covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. The demand for Volta Spark was confirmed by the community of crowdfunding website, where the campaign’s goal was achieved in 2000% before its implementation!

The design of the perfect cable was created in 3 months as part of the cooperation between Volta and Metafora Design. The product allows you to connect terminals dedicated to different types of USB ports using magnets. The solution is to be convenient to use, functional, and at the same time elegant. A quick assessment of the validity of these parameters would not be possible without the use of 3D printing. Thanks to additive technologies, it was possible to print prototypes and evaluate their properties.

All Volta Spark prototypes were printed using Zortrax desktop 3D printers. The first prototype was created on the M200 Plus printer using the Zortrax Z-HIPS and Z-PLA Pro filaments. The use of additive technologies allowed for quick changes and refinement of the design. The final prototype was printed on the SLA Zortrax Inkspire printer, as this technology ensures high, microscopic print accuracy. Thanks to the skills of designers and Zortrax technology, it was possible to create a unique device.

Charging your devices is easier thanks to the Volta Spark’s magnetic termination, which allows you to quickly and conveniently switch cables between different devices. Such a universal solution is extremely important in today’s digitized world. An additional advantage of Volta Spark is high durability, durability and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Thanks to this, users will be able to use it for a long time and without any problems. Volta Spark is compatible with Apple MacBook Pro, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel XL or any device with a micro USB input.

The cable is currently in mass production and will soon be available for regular sale online.

Patrycja Dubert
Biomedical engineer interested in unconventional and innovative approach to medicine and its connection with modern technology.

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