Users of Rapid Shape 3D printers get access to dental resins from BEGO

Rapid Shape and BEGO have announced a partnership that will enable users of the German manufacturer’s 3D printers to use Varseo brand dental materials. The partnership was announced during Lab Day 2023 and applies to RS printer models D20+, D30+ and D50+.

Users of these systems will be able to use BEGO VarseoSmile and VarseoWax materials, including VarseoSmile Crown and Temp and VarseoWax Model and Varseo WAX CAD/Cast. Access to these materials will give Rapid Shape users the ability to produce final crowns, inlays, tops, onlays and veneers.

“With the VarseoSmile Crown and Rapid Shape 3D printing solutions, dental labs and clinics can make restorations precise, fast and machine-assisted from start to finish,” commented Andreas Schulthesis, CEO of Rapid Shape. “For larger labs, the Rapid Shape D30+ and D50+ printing solutions offer an additional option for automated part production with VarseoSmile and VarseoWax materials. This partnership and integration of BEGO materials ensures that our users can combine the state-of-the-art Rapid Shape technology and BEGO expertise in one unique solution.”

“Our hybrid material enables fast refurbishment at an excellent price-performance ratio,” added Thomas Kwiedor, Head of Business Development 3D Cooperation at BEGO. “The printed restorations are also characterized by great aesthetics, low tendency to aging and discoloration, and high comfort for the patient. Extensive scientific research conducted by renowned universities and institutes confirms the excellent properties of restorations made with VarseoSmile Crown.”


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