TRUMPF – a German concern specializing in the production of metal processing machines and its laser processing, including industrial 3D printers for metal, has announced the complete acquisition of its joint-venture, which it co-founded with the Italian company SISMA. As SISMA has so far specialized mainly in the production of metal 3D printers used in the prosthetic and medical sectors, it can be assumed that TRUMPF, which has so far only operated on industrial production markets, will open up to new sectors of activity.

TRUMPF and SISMA established a joint venture in 2014 to jointly develop their additive manufacturing businesses using SISMA LMF (laser metal fusion) technology. The share split was 55% to 45%, with TRUMPF holding a majority stake. TRUMPF SISMA is based in Schio, Northern Italy, with nearly 60 employees. The deal, announced this week, is expected to be finalized by the end of 2021.

The result of the cooperation within the joint venture was the development of the TRUMPF TruPrint 1000 system (based on the mysint 100 platform by SISMA), followed by the two larger TRUMPF TruePrint 2000 and TruPrint 3000 machines, which were also based on the solutions of the Italian company.

Following the acquisition of the joint venture, SISMA plans to focus on the jewelry and fashion industries and distribute TRUMPF 3D printers in these markets.


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