Less than two weeks ago we reported that Naomi “Sexy Cyborg” Wu is collecting money for poor children in the Philippines, offering a 3D scanned digital model of herself. The fundraiser took place on MyMiniFactory platform. The model was priced at 11 USD, and the YouTube celebrity managed to sell them nearly 300, and collected USD 3089.70. The money was transfered to The Virlanie Foundation, an organisation providing childcare in the Philippines. Recently, to the surprise of Naomi Wu, the organization decided to withdraw its consent to… receive the fundrised money [SIC!] Wu decided to refund the collected money to MyMiniFactory users and make this both startling and disturbing story public.

According to emails and documents presented by Naomi Wu, the representatives of the foundation knew from the very beginning who Youtuber is and what character her fundrising campaign will have. Her person is as fascinating as it is controversial – on the one hand, she is a talented DIY maker who creates innovative electronic gadgets and tests various devices such as 3D printers or drones – on the other, her image is focused on giant, silicone breasts and skimpy clothing.

The 3D model that fundrised the money

Naomi Wu is aware of the benefits and problems this specific image brings her. Most likely, decision-makers from The Virlanie Foundation have found out who they are dealing with after fundrising was completed and concluded that the slim and barely dressed woman does not fit into the image of their organization. As Wu emphasizes, she has no problem with that – unfortunately, the foundation, instead of communicating with her, began to more or less officially cut off any links wit her, insinuating that she is trying to gain popularity at their expense.

You can learn the whole story from Wu’s emotional video:

If this whole story actually looks like Naomi presented it, it seems that some of The Virlanie Foundation employees have failed in many fields. Most likely a low-ranking manager or specialist gave a positive opinion on the entire project, but then it met with criticism of the top management. Instead of getting out of class with this situation, the Foundation caused a scandal difficult to explain. It’s good that Wu decided to refund the money, but it doesn’t change the fact that as one of the donors I feel cheated. And it is not Naomi Wu who I direct my disappointment.

Cover photo: YouTube
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