COBOD – a Danish company specializing in 3D printing of concrete components and buildings, has received financial support from another large corporation with a global reach. The group of investors, which include, among others General Electric, the Mexican cement company CEMEX and the PERI group have joined Holcim – one of the world’s largest producers of building materials. The Swiss concern has acquired a minority stake in a Danish company.

COBOD has been working with Holcim since 2019, using extensive materials from the TectorPrint AC group in the implementation of its construction projects. They were implemented, among others wind turbine bases for GE, the world’s first 3D-printed school in Malawi, and Africa’s largest 3D-printed residential project in Kenya.

The investment proves that large construction concerns see a great future in the development of the 3D printing sector from concrete and other building materials. What’s more, COBOD is one of the few startups in this sector that constantly collaborates with its investors to produce real products around the world at such a large scale and pace.

There are many similar startups to COBOD in the world, which proves the great potential of this technology. At the same time, COBOD is one of the absolute precursors, and at the same time the most profitable and most promising companies of this type.


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