At the beginning of this week I presented financial results for Q1 2016 of two biggest manufacturers of 3D printers in the world – 3D Systems i Stratasys. I described also Zortrax’s achievements. Now it’s time for the biggest  service company from 3D printing industry – a Belgian Materialise.

Materialise was established at the beginning of the 90s of last century by Fried Vancraen, who bought a 3D printer printing in SLA technology from light-hardened resins and started to sell his services. From the really beginning h was focused on working with huge productive concerns and in the meantime, the broadened his offer of services for medicine, aircraft, automotive or even fashion. In many areas his company was a true innovator because of broadening of use of additive technologies. With the years Materialise became the leader of the market of professional 3D printing services.

The culmination of this process was historic cooperation with giant of aircraft – Airbus, thanks to which Materialise become to produce parts for planes using SLS technology.

However, the Belgians are not only famous for 3D printing services, but also from their own specialistic software –  Materialise Magics 3D. Their solutions are popular and commonly applied standards. As we informed recently, the company signed distribution deal with Canon.

All of the facts have a profitable influence on the financial results of the company, which in contrary to 3D Systems and Stratasys a look very promisingly. Materialise noted general growth. A decrease was recorded only in operational income, so after deducting of all of the own costs. The reason of this situation was an increased  expenditure on R&D, sales, marketing and administrative costs.

An income in the Q1 2016 amounted 26,7 mln €, which means o 14,2% growth in comparison to the last year. An income from services was 13% and from sales of software, renewing of licences and technical services 21,5%!

Comparison of the financial results from the Q1 2016 with the Q1 2015

  • income: 26,7 mln € (2016) – 23,5 mln € (2015)
  • costs of sales: 10,7 mln € (2016) – 9,8 mln € (2015)
  • profit from sales: 16 mln € (2016) – 13,5 mln € (2015)
  • operational net profit: 1,3 mln € (2016) – 1,8 mln € (2015)
  • operational profit: 1 mln € (2016) – 2 mln € (2015).

The biggest income was registered in the area of software. In the Q1 2016 Materialise noted an income of 7,4 mln € and one year ago 6,1 mln €. The income was achieved thanks to sales of OEM and renewing of the licences.

An income in medical area (advanced solutions connected with planning of operations, designing of medical implants, services of medical engineering and creating tools for patients) increased by 9,7% in comparison to the last year. The company earned 8,6 mln €, so 800.000 € more than one year before.

As far as industrial area is considered, the company earned 10,6 mln €, what is 13%  more than in the last year. he income was higher because of the cooperation with Airbus.

Materialise consolidate the position of the leader on the marked of professional 3D printing services in the world. Like manufacturing of 3D printers, it has to force with bigger competitiveness but thanks to diversification of actions and several sources of profit (services and software) it has better conditions to maintain the increase, than 3D Systems and Stratasys.

Additionally, I want to mention once again about coming conference MATERIALISE METAL TOUR which is taking place on Monday (16.05) in Technopark Łódź.


Paweł Ślusarczyk
CEO of 3D Printing Center. Has over 15 years' experience in buisiness, gained in IT, advertising and polygraphy. Part of 3D printing industry since 2013.

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