SprintRay launches ProWash S – an automated resin cleaning station for 3D prints

SprintRay has announced the launch of ProWash S, an advanced post-processing device for light-cured resin 3D prints that cleans and dries finished items. The device joins the ProCure 2 presented in May this year – a station for curing 3D prints, which reduces the curing time of resins ten times. The company says that using advanced software and cloud capabilities, ProWash S allows you to connect all the company’s devices into one ecosystem, allowing for fully automated transfer of tasks between them.

The ProWash S is equipped with an internal touchscreen computer with advanced networking capabilities, allowing it to send and receive 3D printing job data. Access to SprintRay Cloud allows you to receive key information from the Pro S printer before washing, such as resin type and post-processing instructions, and then forwards it to the ProCure 2 3D curing machine. The system also provides instructions for common workflow tasks and planned maintenance of the device. The company claims that thanks to automation and cloud transmission of tasks, it reduces the need for manual operation of the device and the user’s repetitive service activities.

Another advantage of ProWash S is the optimization of engine operation and the introduction of new washing profiles, which, according to SprintRay, improves the quality of cleaning 3D prints from all types of resins, while reducing overall working time. It also includes a new drying fan and allows users to create their own cleaning profiles.

The exclusive importer of SprintRay in Poland is 3D Phoenix. Ask what can improve your business: [email protected].

Photo: SprintRay press kit

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