SprintRay – a manufacturer of photopolymer 3D printers dedicated to the dental industry, has established cooperation with the BEGO Group, a leading specialist in the field of prosthetics and implantology. The result of the collaboration of both companies is SprintRay Crown – a resin for 3D printing, which is to improve the availability of non-standard dental care.

SprintRay has been dealing with dental technology since 2014, creating comprehensive 3D printing ecosystems for prosthetists. The company’s offer includes 3D printers, resins, 3D printing software and systems for curing and cleaning finished 3D prints. BEGO was founded in 1890. The company provides dental technicians and dentists with devices, instruments, materials, implants and other solutions for the production and processing of prosthetic restorations. At the same time, he has been using 3D metal printing (SLM) technology for over 20 years.

The material created in cooperation is a resin filled with ceramics for 3D printing of crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers. SprintRay says the material allows dentists to reliably deliver inexpensive, custom restorations. SprintRay Crown enables 3D printing of prosthetic restorations in dental offices at a fraction of the cost of other methods. It also saves time because the 3D printing process takes less than an hour.

The exclusive distributor of SPRINTRAY in Poland is 3D Phoenix ([email protected]).

Source: www.sprintray.com
Photo: www.sprintray.com

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