SLM Solutions recorded +41% revenue growth in 2022

Although last year in the 3D printing industry was full of numerous unusual and surprising events, the unrivaled news of the year was the takeover of the German manufacturer of 3D printers for metal – SLM Solutions by the Japanese giant – Nikon Corporation. SLM Solutions had a fantastic streak when it comes to the sale of machines, informing about subsequent implementations every now and then, which of course had to translate into an increase in its revenues. Now the company has published the financial results for last year and it is already known that Nikon decided on it for a reason. SLM Solutions generated revenues of EUR 105.7 million, up +41% year-on-year.

Several factors contributed to this result, including the successful launch of the NXG XII 600 industrial 3D printer. The company also saw revenue growth due to the expansion of its product line and an expanding after-sales service department. SLM Solutions recorded a high level of orders of EUR 87.9 million, an increase of +25% year-on-year. The order backlog amounted to EUR 42.0 million as of December 2022, which is comparable to EUR 42.8 million in December 2021.

The company received orders for a total amount of EUR 87.9 million, an increase of +25%. Despite several global and macroeconomic obstacles, SLM Solutions says this success demonstrates the robustness of their offering. The company has achieved operating profitability at the level of adjusted EBITDA for three consecutive quarters, but recorded a negative EBITDA for the full year of EUR -7.8 million. This is an improvement compared to 2021, when EBIDTA amounted to EUR -8.6 million. Adjusted EBITDA for 2022, excluding expenses related to the acquisition of Nikon, amounted to -1.2 million EUR.

SLM Solutions strives to be the innovation leader in the industry. Total R&D spending was high at €18 million – or 17% of sales revenue, up +23% over the previous year.


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