Sinterit – polish manufacturer of SLS 3D printers, officially enters the US market. Thanks to cooperation with 3D Herndon, Sinterit provides access to maintenance services in the United States, as well as the possibility of training at the headquarters of its new distributor, in Virginia.

The USA is still the largest 3D market in the world. According to forecasts, its annual growth rate in 2017-2024 will be around 29%. Now it will receive the first, very attractive 3D printer, operating in SLS technology. Sinterit began operations in 2014 as the manufacturer of the first SLS dextopic printer – Sinterit Lisa. In 2018, a more advanced and larger version of the device in the form of Lisa Pro appeared on the market. Today, it is used by universities conducting research and representatives of the R&D sector.

Thanks to the partnership with 3D Herndon, customers will be able to buy 3D printers directly from an American company. They will also provide convenient access to specialized training, services and support in the United States.

3D Herndon is a leading resseller of 3D printers, printing services and a source of knowledge about the industry. Based in Herndon, Virginia, the company offers sales, service and support to commercial companies, academic institutions and government agencies across the country.

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