Ricoh and Siemens are collaborating on the 3D printing process from aluminum using Binder Jetting technology

Ricoh has partnered with Siemens Digital Industries Software to implement an industrial aluminum binder jetting (BJT) solution dedicated to mass production. Ricoh intends to leverage Siemns’ additive manufacturing capabilities and competencies to maximize the efficiency of its manufacturing process and scale it to leverage the benefits of Binder Jetting in an industrial environment.

Ricoh will also deploy the Siemens additive manufacturing network to effectively optimize the BJT aluminum process workflow for production preparation, planning, scheduling and management. Ricoh will leverage Brownfield Connectivity technology developed by Siemens, beginning to collect and store information about all processes required to stabilize quality and control production. At the same time, both companies will strive for early commercialization of these technologies.

Binder Jetting, developed by Ricoh, leverages the company’s inkjet technology and expertise. It enables the production of metal parts with more complex shapes that would not be possible using traditional metalworking methods such as CNC milling or casting.

In the BJT process, aluminum alloy powder is spread on a platform and then hardened with a specially formulated binder to produce the part. The same process continues layer by layer until the entire part is created. After the process, the “raw” part is sintered in an oven to obtain a densified final element. Depending on the intended use, they can be used directly or moved further down the post-processing chain.

Binder Jetting technology for the production of aluminum parts contributes to reducing weight and improving heat transfer efficiency. It allows you to create shapes that cannot be produced using standard manufacturing technologies. The technology of Ricoh’s industrial inkjet print heads, developed over many years, enables the stable production of parts with complex shapes.

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