restor3D announces the first ankle surgery using the Kinos Axiom Total Ankle System

restor3d – a leading manufacturer of medical devices, implants and medical instrumentation, created using 3D printing technology, announced the successful implantation of the ankle system – Kinos Axiom Total Ankle System using the TIDAL method. The company has also launched a mobile companion app for its r3id Personalized Surgery platform.

The Kinos Axiom Total Ankle System is a revolutionary innovation in total ankle arthroplasty. It is compatible with TIDAL technology, combining restor3d porous architecture, which is designed to optimize bone growth and fixation to ensure long-term implant stability. Combined with Kinos Axiom biomechanics, this proprietary bone-to-implant interface of 3D printed tibia and talus implants maximizes contact with the cortical bone, ensuring prosthesis functionality and durability. Keith Jacobson of Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists in Denver, Colorado, performed the first operation of the innovative implant.

In September 2022, restor3d released the r3id Personalized Surgery platform at the American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS) annual conference in Quebec City, Canada. The r3id platform is a personalized surgery planning tool – providing surgeons with the ability to create and track cases, as well as collaborating with the restor3d design team to maximize surgical outcomes. By providing the r3id app for iOS and Android mobile devices, users can now collaborate, design and approve on the go.

“The launch of the Kinos Axiom Total Ankle System with TIDAL technology builds on years of scientific research and engineering development. We are proud to deliver a data-driven implant system with market-leading innovations to meet the clinical needs of patients undergoing ankle replacement surgery. In addition, the introduction of r3id to mobile devices is a significant advancement in restor3d’s vision of providing an enhanced surgical planning solution,” said Dr. Cambre Kelly, chief technology officer, restor3d. “The latest version of the r3id app facilitates seamless collaboration between the restor3d design engineering team, surgeons, clinical staff members and sales reps.”

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