RePPA – a system for automatic post-processing of 3D prints from resins and IPA recycling

A crowdfunding campaign is underway on Kickstarter, promoting an interesting accessory for post-processing 3D resin prints and recycling the solvent used to rinse them. RePPA is a comprehensive solution that offers fully integrated and automated washing and curing of 3D prints that can be used for all models of photopolymer 3D printers with a build area of up to 14 cm x 8.5 cm x 20 cm. In addition, it is equipped with RePPA Recycling – a stand-alone unit offering fully automated recycling of solvents.

The system is available in two variants – basic and higher – RePPA Pro, dedicated to professional users. It offers the same range of functions as RePPA, but with the addition of optimized cleaning pumps with higher efficiency and ultrasound. It is also larger, being able to fit larger build platforms for 3D printers such as the Elegoo Jupiter.

RePPA cleans 3D prints by mixing a solvent (IPA or denatured alcohol). It uses an aluminum or aluminum-coated rinsing tank and a magnetic propeller. The movement of the propeller mixes the liquid, thanks to which it reaches every part of the model and ensures effective cleaning of excess resin. After the washing process, the solvent will be pumped out. Any residual solvent still present on the print will be washed off with water.

Ultra-strong UV light (14W) placed at the bottom of the tank hardens the print while it is still immersed in water – this shortens the time needed for curing, and water scintillation ensures that UV rays get into every smallest gap of the detail. The walls of the washing bin are also designed to reflect UV light back onto the print, thus ensuring that even the space below the print is satisfactorily reached.

The dirty solvent is sent to RePPA Recycling where it is cleaned. The cleaning method is not stated on the campaign page, however the result is a perfectly clean solvent, ready for the next cleaning. The cleaning process takes approx. 30 minutes for 4 liters of IPA. The creators of the campaign claim that IPA purified in this way can be used up to 30 times longer than using standard actions.

The price of the basic device on Kickstarter is €209, while the Pro version is €949.


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