Report from the Małopolska 3D Printing Days conference

On September 13, 2023, the first edition of the Małopolska 3D Printing Days took place at the Mościce Art Center in Tarnów under the slogan “Era of 3D Industrial Printing”, organized by Grupa Azoty S.A. and Technology Applied. The event gathered participants from over 50 companies from all over Poland. The conference was devoted to industrial 3D printing technologies and their practical applications, and the speakers were leading representatives of the industry in Poland.

The panels concerned technology, material and research issues, and the latest solutions used in the industry. The event was accompanied by a mini-fair, during which participants could talk to representatives of companies from the industry and learn in practice the possibilities of 3D printing.

The seminar part included panels on technology, material and research issues, and solutions for the use of e.g. 3D printing for the production of aircraft parts or in veterinary medicine.

3D printing is called the technology of the future for a reason. At Grupa Azoty, as part of the new strategy, we place strong emphasis on reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring that our production takes place within the framework of the Circular Economy. It is worth emphasizing that 3D printing technology fits very closely into the broadly understood topic of sustainable development. Therefore, we are convinced that in the coming years these technologies will continue to gain a very wide group of supporters – not only hobbyists, but also industry representatives – emphasized Grzegorz Kądzielawski, Vice-President of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty S.A. at the opening of the conference.

This conference is about building awareness of new solutions, exchanging knowledge about the direction in which the industry is heading and what solutions we should introduce in 3D printing to keep up with the economy. It is a great place where we can talk about new ideas about additive technologies. Our industry is developing rapidly, in which “you have to walk to stand still, and run to be innovative” – adds Jarosław Kozak, President of Technology Applied Sp. z o. o.


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