Quickparts, one of the largest service companies in the world, combining additive technologies and traditional production methods, has become a partner, established close cooperation with Nexa3D – a manufacturer of industrial 3D printers, in the area of using the new QLS 820 laser sintering system. Nexa3D machines operate in the proprietary Quantum Laser technology Sintering and are dedicated to mass production of powdered plastics. The QLS 820 had its official market launch last week.

Quickparts is a company founded in June 2021 by separating the 3D printing services department from the first and largest company in the additive industry in the world – 3D Systems. The company has several hundred industrial 3D printers working in virtually all the most important additive technologies – SLA (3D printing from light-curing resins), DMP (3D printing from metal) or SLS (3D printing from powdered polyamides).

It has six own locations around the world and a network of production partners scattered around the globe. Based on historical data from 3D Systems, last year Quickparts reported producing 7.5 million parts per year, offering over 75 material options. It also provides traditional manufacturing services such as CNC machining, production of tooling and parts for injection molds, and die casting.

Nexa3D QLS 820 uses the method of fast laser sintering of powdered plastics. It offers a wide selection of materials such as PA 12, polypropylene, PBT, aluminum, glass, fiber-filled plastics and others. According to Nexa3D, the QLS 820 3D printer offers shorter production times than SLS, higher throughput, and high build volume.

Source: www.quickparts.com

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