One of the largest manufacturers of FDM / FFF 3D printers in the world – PRUSA Research, has acquired 80% of shares in Trilab – a Czech company that produces 3D printers for the corporate sector. PRUSA, which so far has been clearly associated with the market of amateur and hobby devices, has thus entered the segment of professional devices. The value of the transaction has not been disclosed, and the acquisition itself was announced at the beginning of the Formnext fair in Frankfurt am Main, which began today.

Trilab is a company based in Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic, founded in 2016 by Vojtěch Tambor and Michal Boháč. Both the founders and the entire team of Trilab will remain in its structures, which from now on will act as “Trilab – A Prusa Research Company”.

PRUSA Research intends to expand the range of its products with new types of 3D printers. This is what Josef Průša, founder of the company, comments on:

Trilab produces high-quality 3D printers for the corporate sector, and their brand is well-established in this area. Our machines are geared more towards hobbyists and are open-source. This approach can be restrictive in the corporate and industrial sectors.

Trilab produces 3D printers based on the so-called delta kinematics. In the Cartesian project of Prusa 3D printers, the heating table moves from front to back and the extruder moves in two axes. Trilab machines are equipped with an extruder controlled by three arms arranged in a triangular shape. This design allows the use of a lighter extruder structure, which leads to an increase in 3D printing speed while maintaining a high level of accuracy and print quality.

Trilab’s flagship printer, AzteQ Industrial, features an actively heated workbench, interchangeable printheads and pads for the print bed and remote management. AzteQ can print large models up to 40 cm high and supports advanced materials with high mechanical and chemical resistance, such as ABS, ASA, nylon, polycarbonate and other emerging durable materials and composites.


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