PolySmooth and Polisher made a lot of noise this week. Almost every user of 3D printers has dreamt of layer-free 3D printing. Company Polymaker  – one of the most known Chinese producers of filaments – Polymaker did an amazing job and made our dreams come true. Their recent achievement turned up on Kickstarter  and it seems to be a breathtaking breakthrough.

Their products has won hearts of Kickstarter’s users. During 2 days of the campaign Polymaker rose over 200,000$ and it was supported by 756 bakcers. The manufacturer pledged for 100,000$, so the prognosis look very optimistic.

Polysher bases on “bathing” of 3D prints in vapour, but not in acetone. A substance which makes your models smoother is just alcohol. You can smooth only PolySmooth PVB,  a special filament produced by Polymaker. The essence of this process is the PolySmooth filament. It is perfect for print, it has well-balanced mechanic stamps  and above all it reacts in aerosol of popular alcohols, like ethanol or isopropanol.


How to use this technology? – It is more practical than you could even imagine! An artist Tian Tian, Director of Digital Media Art Design at Aurora College, Shanghai, had a first-hand experience with it. She has exploited Polymaker’s brand new solution to surface finish in 3D prints. Tian Tian can create a perfectly smooth glossy surface to achieve the high level of detail required to paint traditional Qing Dynasty vases. These vases date back to the 13th century and are decorated by highly skilled artists with very fine brush movements. The artists obviously needs to work with extremely smooth surfaces to ensure that her brush strokes are not disrupted. Tian Tian was sceptical about this idea, but when she tried it, she was very impressed by the smooth surface finish created by the Polysher, which gives her work even more pleasure.

Source: http://www.polymaker.com

Paulina Winczewska
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