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Optimization of the mechanical strength of parts manufactured with SLS/MJF technology

One of the key challenges faced by companies producing parts using 3D printing technology is combining their aesthetic finish with mechanical strength. Technology Applied – the largest Polish supplier of 3D printing services using SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) and MJF (MultiJet Fusion) technologies, turned to innovative post-processing methods offered by DyeMansion. Thanks to the use of the German company’s solutions, it is able to achieve both of these things, without any compromises.

DyeMansion offers a number of post-processing solutions that not only improve the appearance of prints, but also increase their mechanical strength. The company uses a number of technologies such as surface smoothing, UV hardening and specialized dyeing. The mechanical strength of 3D printed parts is a complex issue, covering aspects such as impact resistance, compression, bending and abrasion. DyeMansion post-processing processes influence these properties by reducing the porosity of the material and increasing the uniformity of the structure. Additionally, surface smoothing techniques can reduce microcracks, which are often a source of mechanical weakness in printed parts.

Technology Applied, using SLS and MJF technologies in its service activities, produces parts with complex geometries and various properties. DyeMansion post-processing processes are particularly effective in optimizing the strength of these parts – thanks to precisely controlled smoothing and dyeing processes, the details become more uniform in structure, which directly translates into their mechanical strength.

Optimizing the mechanical strength of parts not only increases their practical use, but also increases customer confidence in 3D printing technology. In sectors such as automotive, aviation or medicine, where the requirements for durability are particularly high, Technology Applied services gain new value.

Photos: www.ta.parts

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