Optimization of additive manufacturing costs thanks to post-processing systems

In the era of growing competition and constant pursuit of efficiency, Technology Applied – the largest Polish company providing 3D printing services, has found a solution to optimize production costs by implementing the DyeMansion post-processing system. For a company that specializes in powder technologies – SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) and MJF (Multi Jet Fusion), finishing processes of parts created on 3D printers are becoming a key element of production.

DyeMansion is an innovative post-processing technology that changes the approach to finishing 3D prints. This system offers automated solutions for cleaning, polishing and coloring prints, which significantly speeds up the production process and improves the quality of final products. This allows Technology Applied to offer higher quality at lower operating costs.

One of the biggest challenges in 3D printing production is the intensity of manual work, especially in the process of grinding and finishing prints. The DyeMansion system automates these processes, which directly translates into reduced labor costs. Reducing the need for intensive manual work allows you to shift human resources to more valuable tasks, while increasing production efficiency. Manual grinding is time-consuming and can generate significant costs, especially on a larger scale of production. Thanks to the DyeMansion system, Technology Applied is able to automate this process, significantly reducing the time needed to finish the product. This not only speeds up delivery times for the customer, but also reduces operational costs.

The high quality of finishing offered by the DyeMansion system leads to a reduction in the number of complaints. The accuracy and uniformity of delivered parts provided by this system ensure that prints meet customer expectations. Fewer complaints mean lower costs associated with repairs and re-production, which is important for the company’s profitability.

The implementation of the DyeMansion system by Technology Applied is a strategic step towards optimizing production costs. Automation of post-processing processes not only speeds up production, but also improves the quality of the final product, which translates into customer satisfaction and reduction of costs related to work, manual grinding and complaints.


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