Nexa3D, a manufacturer of ultra-fast industrial 3D printers, announced that it will make its patented Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) 3D printing technology available through the Xometry global digital marketplace, which connects enterprise buyers with additive solution providers. The 3D printing service will be offered through Xometry’s global network of proven suppliers, using both NXE series industrial 3D printers and XiP desktop printers.

Both 3D printers use Nexa3D’s patented LSPc technology, which is a proprietary process called masked stereolithography (mSLA), which is orders of magnitude faster than traditional stereolithography and digital lighting processes. The LSPc process uses an LED matrix as the light source, along with an LCD photoresist that shapes the image of the layer. Everlast’s patented Membrane minimizes the release forces of the prints produced, resulting in faster layering speeds due to higher light intensity, which ultimately translates into better print quality and up to 20x more productivity.

Nexa3D’s patented Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) technology delivers up to a 20x increase in productivity for professionals and businesses of all sizes. Partnerships with world-class material suppliers and an open materials platform unlock the full potential of additively manufactured polymers for mass production. Automated software tools optimize the entire production cycle with process interdependence algorithms that ensure part efficiency and production consistency while reducing waste, energy and minimizing the carbon footprint.

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