Nexa3D takes over the SLS XYZ Printing product line

Nexa3D has announced the acquisition of Taiwanese company XYZ Printing’s selective laser sintering (SLS) offering for an undisclosed sum. Under the agreement, Nexa3D will integrate technology, distribution and services related to SLS 3D printers from XYZ Printing. According to Nexa3D, SLS XYZ Printing technology has been adopted in many industries and is valued for its efficiency, speed and reliability.

After finalizing the acquisition of the offer, 3D printers – MfgPro230xS and MfgPro236xS SLS, have been added to the Nexa product portfolio, which also includes the proprietary QLS 820 system, launched last year. XYZ Printing 3D printers are able to produce polymer components with durable, mechanical and thermal properties and allow the use of materials from external suppliers.

The MfgPro236 xS 3D printer features a 21-hour cycle speed, 60-watt laser, and 0.2mm accuracy, and is considered by Nexa3D to be an “affordable but powerful” SLS solution. The MfgPro 230 xS, on the other hand, is an XYZ solution for parts requiring strength and durability, often used for prototyping. It offers a 24-hour cycle speed and a 30-watt laser. The wide range of materials that can be used includes PA11, PA12, PBT and PP as well as TPU88 and TPU75. Both systems are also compatible with the cold melt materials titanium and steel.

Nexa3D says more updates will be delivered in the coming weeks as XYZ Printing’s SLS offering is combined with its existing product portfolio.


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