Nexa3D is gradually building its position in the additive technology industry. This year, the manufacturer of 3D printers, working in the technology of rapid production of light-curing resins, entered into cooperation with Henkel. Together, they expand the range of industrial and medical materials.

As it turns out, the company does not intend to limit itself only to resin technologies and announced the acquisition of NXT Factory – the creator of high-speed 3D powder printing technology.

The first information about the NXT Factory company and their QLS technology was published at the 3D Printing Center in 2017, just before the formnext fair. Their patented technology is a variation on the SLS laser sintering method and enables 3D printing at less than one second per layer. This concept turned out to be interesting not only for users, but also for the most important people in the 3D printing industry. NXT Factory caught the attention of Avi Reichental himself – former president and CEO of 3D Systems. Importantly, Reichental is now CEO of… Nexa3D.

As we read in the official press release, the conclusion of a strategic partnership allowed Nexa3D to expand its portfolio with complementary 3D printing technology. Avi Reichental, CEO of Nexa3D, emphasizes the great opportunity to combine two companies for which the priority is to break the current barriers to speed, efficiency and productivity of 3D printing technology. He adds that the acquisition of NXT Technology will allow for further expansion of opportunities in terms of product development, technology and new sales channels.

Kuba Graczyk, co-founder of NXT Technology, emphasizes that joining forces with Nexa3D gives a real opportunity to take additive manufacturing to a higher level and use the full potential of the technology. Izhar Medalsy, chief operating officer of Nexa3D, adds that the time of the global pandemic has not slowed down Nexa3D’s growth. The company successively continued building sales channels, at the same time expanding the portfolio of technologies, devices and materials.

The acquisition of NXT Factory shares by Nexa3D is in the process of finalization and has already been approved by all shareholders. Details of the transaction have not been released.

Magdalena Przychodniak
Editor-in-Chief of the 3D Printing Center. A biomedical engineer following the latest reports on bioprinting and 3D printing in modern medicine.

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