Nexa3D is an American manufacturer of devices that are to change the face of additive manufacturing and enable “time purchase” in production processes. To meet the requirements of customers who are thinking between “desktop production” and production on industrial devices, Nexa3D presented another device in its portfolio in the form of the NXE 200. Today we will take a closer look at this machine.

The 3D printer uses the proprietary LSPc (Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing) incremental method, which discovers new possibilities of photopolymer curing. NXE 200 offers 8.5L capacity and several times faster work speed than competing 3D printing technologies. The working area is a solid 275 x 155 x 200 mm, which is more than what the vast majority of 3D printers offer. The printing time for the entire chamber is less than half an hour, which translates into dozens or hundreds of models made in one process.

These results are possible thanks to a dedicated, patented LED matrix and active thermodynamics, based on efficient cooling of individual sectors. Materials from global manufacturers such as HENKEL and BASF ensure the highest predictability in the 3D printing process. At the same time, they guarantee the availability of a homogeneous product on the market, which is of key importance in the production series.

The large work area and high speed allow users to produce both large, unit parts as well as full production series. The NXE 200 is equipped with a patented, self-lubricating Everlast 2 diaphragm, which is key to achieving high-speed 3D printing. The membrane is also characterized by a lifetime of +50,000 layers, ensuring a long operation time of the device and lower operating costs.

The resin curing light provides an accuracy of 76.5 um, eliminating scattering near the edge of the part for the highest accuracy and surface quality. Moreover, uniform exposure and control of the manufacturing process, with high power and UV irradiation, enable permanent hardening of each layer of the model, as a result offering very good mechanical properties.

The NXE 200 printer is supplied with the high-performance 3D print hardening module -xCure and the xWash washing chamber. Everything is managed by NEXA 2.0 – dedicated, intelligent software, enabling all the desired operations required in effective industrial printing

The authorized supplier of Nexa3D 3D printers in Poland is 3D Phoenix. The company’s offer includes a full portfolio of products from the American manufacturer, as well as 3D printing technologies from real composites from Markforged and the cheapest industrial SLS systems. You can find more details here.

This article is sponsored by 3D Phoenix.

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