Nano Dimension makes its first acquisition since the decision to end talks with Stratasys

After a few months – and ended in a fiasco – attempt to take over the leader of the 3D printing market – Stratasys, Israeli Nano Dimension announced the acquisition of another, much smaller company – Additive Flow. It provides solutions for the simulation and optimization of 3D designs, using the analysis of mechanical, thermal, thermomechanical properties, as well as frequency and fatigue of various materials and processes.

Additive Flow solutions analyze design, manufacturing and quality considerations while optimizing cost, weight, productivity and part production efficiency. The company’s customer base includes companies operating in sectors such as advanced optics and optoelectronics, aerospace and defense, semiconductors, advanced energy and electronics.

Nano Dimension says this acquisition will mark another milestone in its Additive Flow product roadmap. Its software will enhance the ability of Nano Dimension customers to design and extend AME’s prototype electronic component layouts in a fast and cost-effective manner. Additive Flow technology will be integrated with Nano Dimension’s proprietary FLIGHT software package.


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