Nano Dimension, manufacturer of specialist equipment for additive manufacturing of electronics and 3D printers printing from metals and ceramics, announced financial results for the second quarter of 2022. The company generated revenues of $ 11.1 million, an increase of + 1268% compared to the same quarter in 2021 and + 6% higher than in the first quarter of this year. Total revenues for six months of this year. amounted to $ 21.5 million, an increase of + 1227% year-on-year. The company owes such spectacular growth to acquisitions of other companies that it has made recently.

In July this year. Nano Dimension caused a great sensation in the 3D printing industry, taking over a 12% share in one of the market leaders – the American-Israeli Stratasys. At the same time, it was truly sensational that Nano Dimension generated annual revenues of only 1.5% of what Stratasys did, and it owes its wealth and financial resources for such transactions solely to the good times on the American stock exchange. Now the company’s financial results are much better, but still much lower than what is generated by Stratasys or other leading companies.

Nano Dimension ended the quarter with $ 1.27 billion in cash, short-term investments and deposits, while a net loss for the second quarter was-$ 40 million. Total revenues for the second quarter were $ 11.1 million, compared to $ 0.81 million in the second quarter of 2021. Research and development costs were $ 18.3 million – an increase compared to the second quarter of 2021 due primarily to cost increases personnel costs, costs of subcontractors and share-based remuneration costs due to increased research and development work of the company.

Total revenue for the six months of 2022 was $ 21.5 million compared to $ 1.6 million for the first half of 2021. Total net loss for the six months was-$ 72.8 million.


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