A Belgian company Materialise incorporates more than 25 years of 3D printing experience into a range of software solutions and 3D printing services. They have been leading in providing unique 3D printing solutions for industries ranging from the medical field to aerospace. As far as medicine is considered, they have been responsible for numerous, patient-specific implants and pre-surgical models, representing the future of medical technology.

Materialise announced during the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting (AAOS) a the launch of the Materialise Mimics Care Suite, a full suite of software and solutions for 3D printing within hospitals. Moreover, they introduced also Materialise Mimics inPrint, a new software solution enabling surgeons creation of accurate medical models for 3D printing in hospitals, without the need of advanced clinical engineering support.

The Materialise Mimics Care Suite brings together medical software and services, both established and a new, neutral platform which facilitates the further integration of 3D planning and printing into hospitals.  In addition, the MMCS includes the following: a software for predictive planning and communication, patient-specific models and implants that enable surgeons to treat complex cases and  patient-specific guides that transfer a co-created surgical plan to the OR.

The Materialise Mimics inPrint allows clinicians to 3D print in hospitals by connecting data from all modern imaging systems to the ever expanding range of 3D printers on the market. Even beginners, according to Materialise, are able to pull of this process, due to the program’s semi-automated segmentation tools, with a heart segmentation tool that can produce models of heart components in a few steps. The company claims, that MMP is also designed for easy construction of patient-specific medical devices, what means, that these models can then be shared across devices as interactive PDFs and 3D printed on the device of a clinician’s choice.

Materialise Founder and CEO states:

For more than 25 years, we at Materialise have been identifying meaningful applications of 3D printing and developing the backbone of software and solutions needed to successfully bring them to market. We see incredible potential for 3D printing in hospitals, but have also recognized that many existing solutions have slowed adoption of the technology. Therefore, we have developed the Materialise Mimics Care Suite with the aim of helping hospitals better integrate 3D printing and begin unleashing the benefits it offers, which include potential cost savings and patient care improvement.

Wilfried Vancraen, Materialise Founder and CEO

Source: http://www.materialise.com/press

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