Markforged FX20 – 3D printer for fiber reinforced ULTEM 3D printing soon to be seen live in Poland

The FX20 is Markforged’s new flagship 3D printer, capable of printing larger and more sophisticated parts faster than any of the company’s other 3D printers. Enables 3D printing from high-temperature filament-reinforced thermoplastics. The resulting composite parts can withstand some of the world’s most demanding applications, including aerospace, defense, automotive, and oil and gas. In March this year, the Markforged FX20 3D printer will be available for viewing live in the 3D Phoenix showroom – the company’s authorized distributor.

The official debut of the 3D printer took place at the Formnext fair in November 2021, and it went on sale in the middle of last year. The working area of the FX20 is 525 x 400 x 400 mm, the 3D printer has a closed chamber that is able to heat up to 200 ° C. The machine prints up to eight times faster than the default print settings on the existing line of Markforged composite printers.

The FX20 is the first Markforged press capable of printing with ULTEM™ 9085, an extremely durable filament that exhibits excellent Smoke and Toxic Resistance (FST). Combined with continuous carbon fiber, even stronger components can be printed, including highly durable aerospace-grade composite parts. ULTEM is one of the most durable plastics used in industry and additive manufacturing. It has the following properties:

  • has extreme resistance to high temperatures
  • it is very strong in terms of impact strength
  • it is very chemically resistant
  • it is relatively light.

The 3D printer has the ability to store and constantly heat materials, which means that they remain properly dried, and sensors monitor the performance of each part. Linear encoders provide precise, real-time feedback on the position of the printheads.

The inner material bin holds four XL spools with precise humidity control. The new XL spools offer 4 times more material, reducing the need for frequent spool changes. The FX20 has three printheads and can print from two polymers and filaments simultaneously – allowing you to print with ULTEM 9085 and filaments.

Markforged FX20 is offered by 3D Phoenix – an authorized distributor of the American company in Poland and intends to present a physical model of the 3D printer in a few weeks – in March 2022 at its company’s headquarters.

The distributor of Markforged in Poland is 3D Phoenix. Ask what can change in your business: [email protected].

Source: press materials Markforged

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