MakerBot has announced that its filtration system dedicated to METHOD and SKETCH 3D printers – MakerBot Clean Air System, has received GREENGUARD certification from UL, a world leader in safety science. The certificates were awarded to the MakerBot METHOD, MakerBot METHOD X and MakerBot SKETCH models for working with the MakerBot Tough (PLA) filament and the METHOD X model for working with engineering grade filaments – ABS, PC-ABS and nylon.

Clean Air System is an intelligently controlled double filtration system for the METHOD platform, which solves one of the biggest problems related to 3D printing of engineering materials in an office environment – it provides protection against the emission of harmful vapors that are generated during the processing of plastics. Clean Air uses a best-in-class two-layer filtration system consisting of a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter to protect against volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors. The system takes into account the environmental conditions, the temperature of the working chamber and the building material.

Obtaining GREENGUARD certification for a clean air system with METHOD X is the latest in Stratasys and MakerBot’s ongoing initiatives to support safety, sustainability and regulatory compliance. The announcement comes just after the recent launch of MakerBot MakerBot RapidRinse ™, a fast-dissolving, water-soluble support material that eliminates the need for corrosive chemicals and additional equipment during post-processing. METHOD and SKETCH 3D printers are equipped with features that help ensure a safer use of 3D printing, including closed construction chambers designed to prevent access to the build plate while printing. SKETCH also includes a built-in particulate filter, making it ideal for 3D printing in classrooms.

GREENGUARD Certification is an internationally recognized product emissions certification and labeling program for manufacturers of low-emission products, furniture and interior materials. UL GREENGUARD certified products are proven to meet some of the most stringent chemical emissions standards in the world.

The METHOD X clean air system has been tested for UFP and VOC in a controlled exposure chamber in accordance with ANSI / CAN / UL 2904.1. The results of additional research tests showed that the UFPs were reduced to 100% and the total VOCs were reduced to 64%. The specific chemicals that pose a health risk when printing ABS materials have shown a significant reduction in emissions with the MakerBot Clean Air System. All chemicals under investigation also had emission factors and estimated office concentrations below recommended levels.


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