MakerBot announced the introduction of a major update to CloudPrint – software for preparing and managing the printing process, which was first introduced in 2020. The update introduces an improved interface for a smoother operation and several new features that allow for a faster transition from a CAD file to a 3D printed part.

MakerBot CloudPrint is a cloud-based application that allows users to easily and safely prepare files for 3D printing, as well as manage and monitor tasks from a browser. Updated software now enables users to work more efficiently and smoothly, and accelerate design, test and iteration cycles.

The new features of CloudPrint 2.0 include the ability to import multi-body parts and automatically fit the part to the smallest support material used when printing with Smart Orient. As part of the new CAD workflow, imported multi-body parts are automatically placed on the build platform, meaning users don’t need to convert their native CAD files and import them individually.

The new intelligent orientation feature means parts can be automatically positioned on the 3D printer’s worktable, thus consuming the least amount of support material during the 3D printing process. On the other hand, the update of the user interface closely integrates the preparation of the file for 3D printing and the management of the workspace. Users can maximize the use of their 3D printer by queuing jobs. After the printout is made and removed from the build plate, the next one can be started immediately from the 3D printer display.

The user can now add a printout to the queue even if the material selected in CloudPrint differs from the material installed in the 3D printer. This new feature streamlines the workflow by allowing users to queue more prints in advance and change materials when needed.

The 3D printer job details page now includes the temperature of the working chamber and extruder, as well as the ability to add user notes to the printout. The new notification tab provides a centralized location to receive 3D printer, queue or print status notifications.

More details about the new solution can be found here:

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