It was the first operation in Poland, thanks to which an animal received two implants, produced in 3D printing technology. This 3D printer is also used to create prototypes of implants.

It was autumn. A kitty Łatka (pol. patch) went out for a walk close to its house. When it turned back, it turned out, that it has an accident. A vet from Legnica claimed that parts of its back paws were completely crushed and they had to be amputated. Form this moment it had problems with moving.

The cat there is under the custody of reputable Veterinary Clinics of vet Dariusz Niedzielski. It is to only one medical point for animals, where it is possible to apply MRI scan, CAT scan. In the clinic there is a  specialistic diagnostic laboratory and rehabilitation ward for animals.

Łatka 01

Specialists from Laboratory of Veterinary Implants from Technopark Łódź designed implants for Łatka together with vet Michał Nowicki. Basing on CAT scans they designed 3D models of back paws and individual matching implants. Their prototypes were printed with a 3D printer and used to check functionalities of the mentioned solution.

The implant was created on the way, which enabled to put its part into marrow cavity of long bones. It was attached with special screws placed across the implant. The next action will come after reconvalescence period – prostheses will be attached to the implant. The cat is light and materials are durable, that is why we can use 3D printing technology – says doctor Marcin Elgalal from Technopark Łódź.


Implants made from titan were manufactured at Tool Factory in Pabianice (Pabianicka Fabryka Narzędzi) “PAFANA” S.A. They were implanted on Thursday in the clinic in Wrocław. Thanks to this operation, the cat will stand on its paws in a relative short time.

It was a masterpiece says doctor Michał Nowicki,  a vet, who coordinated the operation. It took 3 hours. It was extremely hard because of a small size of implants and the patient. Fortunately, everything went as planned.

Łatka 02

It was the third time, then Technopark Łódź helped to a quadruped patient. Another operations consisted on preparing an implant of nose, which helped it to breathe normaly and an implant of a back paw for dogs.

Łatka before the operation:

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