JawsTec doubles SLS production capacity by installing four Nexa3D QLS 230 SLS printers

JawsTec is an American manufacturing services provider specializing in 3D printing, CNC machining and metalworking. The company offers access to rapid prototyping and supplies large companies with parts through mass production. JawsTec manufactures parts for some of the world’s most famous brands, including Tesla, Apple, BMW, Ford, Delta, SpaceX and more. Like many users of powder 3D printing technologies – SLS and Multi Jet Fusion, the company had to give up 30% of unused material, incurring the costs of its storage and disposal in accordance with applicable US regulations. This increased the company’s operating costs and was an environmental problem.

Seeking to increase production efficiency, optimize costs and improve the company’s sustainability, JawsTec started thinking about reducing the waste rate of used sintering powders. Ultimately, the company chose Nexa3D’s QLS laser sintering technology to completely eliminate powder waste while dramatically increasing throughput and machine uptime.

The Nexa3D application engineering team helped JawsTec deploy four QLS 230s along with a QLS 820 machine, completing setup and training in less than a month. Once commissioned and integrated into the manufacturing process, the company was able to immediately begin using a combination of new sintering powder and recycled powder from legacy SLS and MJF platforms to produce high-quality parts for its top manufacturing customers. Now it is able to use 100% of its powders thanks to the high packing density factor of the QLS series 3D printers, further optimizing recycling powder utilization rates.

With Nexa3D, JawsTec has completely eliminated sintering powder waste. “We use a mix of 75%/25% unsintered/new powder on the QLS 230,” said Oscar Klassen, co-founder and CEO, JawsTec. “Thanks to the increased packing density of the 3D printers, we have the flexibility to use 100% of the powder in all our operations.”

Nexa3D enabled JawsTec to increase SLS production by +50% due to shorter 3D printing cycles. “We produce parts that take 24 hours on our older machines in just 10 hours with QLS, which allows us to effectively double our capacity,” notes Klassen. What’s more, Nexa3D’s remote maintenance has reduced JawsTec’s downtime in the event of a build failure from days to just hours.

The exclusive distributor of Nexa3D in Poland is 3D Phoenix. Ask what can change in your business: [email protected].


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