INFINAM FR4100L from Evonik – a new resin with a non-flammability standard

The last few days have brought us a lot of news in the area of materials. This time, Evonik, an important link in the supply chain of 3D printing materials, both components and ready-made solutions, presented its new product. INFINAM FR4100L resin is designed for DLP printing and can be used at room temperature. This is a certain achievement considering its parameters.

This resin has a V-0 non-flammability standard according to the UL 94 standard. This standard means that the flame on the surface of the element disappears within 10 seconds and the drops of the melted material do not ignite. We know from practice that if someone is looking for a material with a non-flammability standard, they usually care about this standard, so Evonik certainly saw an opportunity in the applications for such a material and in the technology for which it was created.

Apart from the issue of non-flammability, this material, according to Evonik, is characterized by high tensile strength, excellent surface quality and hardness similar to ABS. Moreover, it can be subjected to further processing, such as polishing or drilling.

This material was created for applications where it will be exposed to frequent contact with various types of fuels, flames and sparks. The main recipients of the material are to be companies from the aviation and space industries, as well as the automotive and generally understood industrial sectors, where it is suitable both for creating prototypes and for end-use applications.


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