Hayabusa presents the world’s first 3D printing boxing gloves

3D printing technology is gradually entering the world of sports, and another discipline where it has found its application is boxing. The Canadian company Hayabusa – a world leader in the production of fighting equipment – has launched T3D Gloves – the world’s first boxing gloves produced in 3D printing technology. In T3D, the traditional foam filling is replaced by Hayabusa’s patented 3D printed mesh. This method is designed to better protect boxers during sparring and provide them with greater comfort.

Since its establishment in 2006, Hayabusa has prided itself on using scientific research to develop, test and manufacture its combat gear. The company constantly strives to improve its products to contribute to the development of this discipline. This approach has resulted in partnership with Marvel and has made Hayabusa one of the most sought-after boxing glove brands in the industry.

Hayabusa has always strived to push boundaries and implement more innovations. The company decided to modernize its popular T3 boxing gloves, replacing the traditional construction of layers of foam with a mesh printed on 3D printers. The new product was named T3D, and the internal mesh consists of thousands of individual structural elements that are designed to absorb and dissipate impact energy. The mesh is more structurally stable than traditional foam and retains its properties better over a longer period of use. As a result, boxers receive better protection during sparring.

The presented boxing gloves show that even the simplest sports equipment can be modernized, and engineers may start looking again at other elements of equipment that they may have overlooked before. At the same time, Hayabusa joins the group of companies that use additive technologies in the production of sports equipment on a daily basis:

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