Formlabs introduces an “automation ecosystem” of the 3D printing process that eliminates downtime of 3D printers

Formlabs – one of the largest manufacturers of photopolymer 3D printers, announced the premiere of Automation Ecosystem – a platform for managing fleets of its devices. The new solutions can be used together as a comprehensive and automated system or as separate units to streamline your own specialized workflow. The system will have its official premiere at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas starting January 5, 2023.

The Automation Ecosystem consists of three components: Form Auto, which is used to remove finished parts from 3D printers, Fleet Control, which is a set of new features in the PreForm software, which facilitates the management of a fleet of 3D printers, and the High Volume Resin System, which increases the resin capacity by a factor of five compared to standard sizes of Formlabs cartridges. According to the company, combining the ecosystem with a fleet of Form 3+ or Form 3B+ printers can enable customers to save up to 80% on labor costs, reduce packaging waste by up to 90% and reduce parts production costs by 40%.

Form Auto can be connected to any Form 3/B/+ 3D printer, and thanks to the patented Quick-Release technology used in the Build Platform 2, it removes parts by disconnecting them from the platform and placing them in the Form Wash. The platform is automatically reinstalled and the next print is prepared and ready to use with no user interaction required. The release action is recorded by the built-in camera, allowing users to continuously monitor their production from another room or building, or a completely different location. Importantly, Form Auto takes up little space, so its installation does not involve the need to significantly rebuild the existing workplace.

Fleet Control is a set of advanced features of PreForm – Formlabs 3D print preparation software and Dashboard – an online tool for managing 3D printers and consumables that enable centralized management of multiple 3D printers. With the Fleet Control Dashboard extension, users can view and edit the queue for a group of printers, as well as duplicate or reprint jobs without having to re-open PreForm. These features can be accessed from anywhere, so queue management can be done after hours, from home or anywhere else.

The new High Volume Resin system ensures that 3D printers never run out of material. Fleet Control and Dashboard alert operators when consumables are running low, so you can always replace resins before the job or shift ends. The system holds five liters of material in one container, allowing for multiple tasks. Resin is replenished with a pump for fast and efficient dispensing. The High Volume Resin system reduces packaging waste by over 90% and requires less space to store materials.

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