Formlabs introduces a new, flexible material for 3D printing in SLS technology

Formlabs introduces a new material for 3D printers from the Fuse series: TPU 90A – elastomer powder. The material ensures the production of strong, functional and safe parts in contact with human skin, characterized by high tear strength and elongation.

The strength and flexibility of powdered TPU 90A allows for the production of fully functional parts in the 3D printing ecosystem for SLS – Fuse 3D printers. Using this material, engineers and manufacturers can bridge the gap between production steps, produce fully functional prototypes, production aids and end-use parts. In addition, TPU 90A is ideal for creating soft-touch components for grippers, padding and cushions.

The material is also approved for contact with human skin, making it ideal for medical applications such as prosthetics, orthotics and other patient-specific devices requiring custom designs. The softness and flexibility of TPU 90A powder provides optimal comfort and performance, improving patient care outcomes and streamlining the medical device manufacturing process.

The TPU 90A offers flexibility and robustness along with the accuracy and design freedom that the SLS printing process enables, with features such as:

  • high tear strength and elongation at break 110-310%
  • Low cost per part for low volume production
  • safe for the skin, ideal for 3D printing of medical devices and accessories for everyday wear
  • less waste and higher efficiency thanks to the refresh rate of 20%.

Photo: (press materials / all rights reserved)

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