Formlabs Dental presents 5 new solutions to simplify the work of dentists with a 3D printer

Formlabs Dental – the 3D printing division of a leading manufacturer of photopolymer 3D printers, focusing on the prosthetic industry, announced the launch of a new suite of software, products and materials designed to make digital dentistry more accessible to laboratories and dental offices. The novelties will be presented at the largest dental fair in the world – IDS 2023, which starts this week in Cologne, Germany.

Since 2016, Formlabs has sold over 25,000 prosthetic 3D printers that have printed over 25 million parts – from working models to surgical templates. The new products are to make working with the company’s 3D printers in the dental environment even easier.

The first solution is PreForm Dental – a new workspace dedicated to dentists that significantly streamlines the setup, management and monitoring of the 3D printing process, allowing you to do more with fewer clicks. With automated dental indication-based features such as material selection and pressure setting, PreForm Dental automates 3D printing setup for restorative models, occlusal splints and other related applications. Advanced users can create and save their own presets for layer height, orientation and support settings to standardize the manufacturing process for all users in the practice or lab. The PreForm Dental workspace is included with every Form 3B/+ and Form 3BL printer, including for existing users.

Formlabs Dental and 3Shape have jointly developed PreForm integration with 3Shape Produce, which enables users to seamlessly work with streamlined workflow and 3D printing with one click when using Splint Studio, Implant Studio, Model Maker and other 3Shape 3D design and printing applications.

With Fast Arch Printing, users can print eight arches in 20 minutes and a single arch in less than 10 minutes. Fast Arch Printing increases productivity by allowing the user to go from design to print twice as fast as with current settings, allowing treatment in the same visit and fast on-demand tooth modeling. Users of Formlabs 3D printers can produce a retainer in less than 30 minutes, including washing, curing and thermoforming. Fast Arch Printing is available for Form 3B and 3B+ 3D printers.

Form Auto enables 24/7 automatic printing with automatic part picking, enabling dentists to increase production while reducing manpower. When the parts are ready, Form Auto seamlessly removes the finished parts from the Build Platform 2 using patented Quick Release technology and starts the next print. Users can add prints to the queue from anywhere and Form Auto will replenish the queue as soon as possible. The hardware update is now available and works with Form 3B and Form 3B+.

Fast Cure – a station for additional exposure of prints with UV light, has been approved to cure over 17 types of resins in less than 6 minutes, which is a 90% time saving compared to the basic version of the device (Form Cure). With pre-programmed settings and no preheating required, Fast Cure cures dental models in one minute, crowns, bridges and surgical guides in five minutes and occlusal splints in six minutes.

The company has introduced a temporary CB resin in Extra White Bleach by Temporary CB Resin. It is designed for temporary crown and bridge restorations, inlays, onlays and veneers and provides excellent marginal fit, strength and aesthetics. The tooth-colored resin can be used in conventional temporary cements to bond restorations and lasts up to 12 months. The new Temporary CB Resin was co-developed with Formlabs partner Bego.

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