Formify launches personalized 3D printed gaming mice

The Canadian company Formify has launched a Kickstarter campaign promoting personalized gaming mice produced in 3D printing technology. Thanks to the service, customers can order mice perfectly adapted to the shape of their hands. The startup focuses on the production of various, personalized products, and the mouse is the first venture on which it has been working for almost three years.

The mouse ordering process is simple – just send a photo of your hand, which is then processed by the Formify software. Advanced machine learning algorithms analyze the size, shape and contours of the client’s hand, and then the acquired data is superimposed on the base model of the mouse, and its shape is automatically adjusted. Then, the resulting 3D model of the mouse housing is printed in MultiJet Fusion technology on HP 3D powder printers. After printing, the mouse undergoes final assembly and is shipped to the customer.

Mouse design matters to professional gamers – responses measured in microseconds make every advantage they can achieve in the game significant, including the appearance and design of the mouse. Formify has worked with several top players to gain their knowledge and feedback on how to improve their design.

However, the shape of the mouse housing is not everything. Formify offers the following features in its products:

  • average weight 55 g (depending on personalization),
  • 650 IPS sensor tracking,
  • low latency wireless connectivity,
  • two programmable thumb buttons,
  • charging via USB-C,
  • highly adhesive, textured surface (optional),
  • Kailua 8.0 Clear switches.

Customers can pre-order a unique gaming mouse from Formify via Kickstarter for $142. There is a 20% discount offered as part of the campaign, but the price is likely to increase after the campaign ends. The company expects to ship the products at the end of the year, when all personalized models are ready for 3D printing and production. At the time of writing, Formify has raised just over $13,000, out of the $29,000 it has set as the goal of the campaign, which ends at the end of May 2023.

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