Former Amazon director is creating a modern industrial park worth USD 81 million

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, along with other state officials and members of the Pittsburgh business community, conducted a press conference during which an investment of USD 81 million in a new, advanced industrial park was announced. The complex, located in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, USA, will be managed by Re:Build Manufacturing, co-founded by Jeff Wilke – former CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer.

Wilke, who grew up in Pittsburgh, is also the president of Re:Build, a company that aims to set the course for the next century of contract manufacturing and industrial engineering. The new factory in New Kensington with an area of 175,000 square feet is symbolically located on the site of the factory of Alcoa – an aluminum giant from the USA, closed in 1971. The complex, which totals approximately one million square feet, has not been fully used since Alcoa vacated it.

Like other similar ventures, Re:Build aims to serve the entire spectrum of high-value manufacturing markets by offering a comprehensive set of solutions in the event of supply chain disruptions. The key difference that distinguishes Re:Build is simply the huge amount of social and financial capital involved.

Given Re:Build’s ambitious plans, it can be assumed that the company has chosen an area that already has enough space for possible expansion. The success of Re:Build would be crucial for the region, and the New Kensington project has already attracted nearly $20 million in grants and loans from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The company also has the backing of Thomas Tull, the billionaire founder of Legendary Entertainment, who currently heads Tulco LLC, an AI-based investment firm based in Pittsburgh.


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