At its Technology Day on April 7th, the fast expanding German FIT Group, a special provider for Additive Manufacturing, has inaugurated its new German headquarters and new manufacturing facility – the first such facility worldwide, which was totally conceived for AM.

In 2014, FIT had announced its plans to establish a facility solely for additive manufacturing, announcing an investment of 20 M Euro. The result of more than 2 years’ endeavors has now been presented to the public. The whole ground floor of the factory is dedicated to the additive manufacturing of metal parts. FIT is proud to possess the highest capacity for the additive manufacturing of metal parts in the world. One of the most interesting applications here is the volume manufacturing of identical but also customized parts. The complete first floor is dedicated to the additive manufacturing of plastic parts. One of the major applications here is the manufacturing of prototypes for the automotive sector.

Founded in 1995, FIT AG is a leading German provider of rapid prototyping services and additive design and manufacturing via its subsidiaries FIT Prototyping GmbH and FIT Production GmbH. Group revenue in 2016 was EUR 24 million – an increase of forty per cent versus prior year. FIT employs today 250 people, most of them at the company’s headquarters in Lupburg, Germany. The FIT Group operates further subsidiaries, e.g. in Hamburg, Germany, and Boston, USA.


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