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Fashion designer Jayne Pierson presents a revolutionary fashion collection, created in collaboration with Stratasys

Fashion designer Jayne Pierson presented her latest collection at London Fashion Week, featuring a mix of Celtic mythology, sustainable fashion and 3D printing applied directly to textiles. The collection was a showcase of creativity and innovation, as well as highlighting the importance of sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry.

The Ceridwen collection, inspired by Celtic mythology and the Mabinogion, gave insight into the world of spells and transformations. The Pierson collection weaves elements of myth, folklore and history, redefining fashion as a storytelling medium. Deeply rooted in inspiration, the collection exudes organic shapes derived from nature, culminating in an array of iridescent elements that served as amulets adorning the garments.

The key to the collection’s success was the designer’s partnership with the world’s leading manufacturer of 3D printers – Stratasys, using 3D printing directly on textiles using 3DFashion technology. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and 3D printing created unique and wearable pieces that seamlessly integrate the printed elements into the fabric. This pioneering approach added a whole new dimension to the fashion landscape, demonstrating the limitless possibilities of Stratasys 3DFashion direct-to-textile 3D printing technology in the industry.

The values of her Jayne Pierson brand – including longevity of style, quality, originality and commitment to ethical and socially responsible practices, served as guiding principles throughout the creative process. The collection featured fabrics made from ocean plastic waste, turning discarded materials into contemporary “armor” symbolizing Celtic magic and the celebration of individuality.

Inclusivity was another cornerstone of the Ceridwen collection. Pierson emphasized that each garment is entirely made-to-measure and tailored to different body types and identities, reflecting the brand’s commitment to celebrating individuality. The collection set a new standard for sustainable and innovative fashion. Her commitment to ethical practices, unique partnerships and storytelling through fashion demonstrates the potential for brands to thrive while maintaining a deep sense of responsibility for the planet and its inhabitants.

Source: Stratasys press materials

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